Born in 1927, Robert Goossens was the great metal artist and one of the last great masters of the golden age of jewellery.
Robert Goossens says of couture jewellery: « It is not possible to cover all women in gold. There will never be enough precious metal on the Earth ».
Orfèvre-Joaillier by formation, and creator of couture jewellery, Robert Goossens is one of the rare personalities to have embraced all aspects of jewellery. He is a true artist who has devoted his entire life to creation.
His career in haute couture commenced in 1948.
Although Robert Goossens worked for a number of fashion houses and notably spent twenty-seven years with Yves Saint Laurent, his creations remain inseparable from the history of Chanel. Robert Goossens also collaborated with Balenciaga between 1955-68 and Madame Grès between 1966 and 71).
Since 1954, he worked for “Mademoiselle Chanel”. Robert Goossens took actively part into the creation of the Byzantine style, which remained a trademark of the Chanel label. The Robert Goossens atelier was bought in 2005 by Chanel.
This exceptional craftsman continues to create designer objects within the workshop « Les Paruriers ».