Fascinated by the beauty of objects, by the quality and the perfection of creation, I’m in constant search of pieces.

With Katheley’s website launched in 2010, my objective was to create a website for collectors and people loving fashion and willing to find something different. The website has evoluated a lot during these 10 years to become today K of Katheley’s, my eye, my taste, my selection. With my eye and the experience I have acquired today, I want to advice and guide my customers. I want to offer a unique selection of pieces focusing on quality, design, rarity to wear and to collect.

My ‘eye’ is following two main criteria :

The pieces have to be ’Collectables’ or

They have to be of ‘Timeless Elegance’.

How can we attribute a collectable character?

Here are some criteria: the rarity, the originality, the quality and the condition. This last criteria is really important to maintain a good investment on the long-term. 

Beside the website, my main activity is to participate to fairs what I particularly love !!! I love to meet people and sharing with them my passion. I want to find them the right piece to complete their collection or start a collection.

Since 2014, I have been really involved in the vintage market with the launch of the 1st Hermès Vintage Collectors Fair -23-25 October 2015. It was three unforgettable days for fans of the orange box and the carriage logo. Gathering people around Hermès, the brand that rocked the world of fashion and luxury has really been my challenge.


With the 2nd edition of this event, my objective was to position the Vintage and the Creation as the finest and ultimate luxury for individuals loving fashion, design, quality and willing to be unique and different with their own style and personality.
In June 2018, I have been invited by Christies to talk about the Vintage Collectors’ Fair and the bags investment market. Read more.

I also offer a Personal Shopper service for which you are welcome to contact me, cl@katheleys.com or 0032 (0) 487.378.995

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