Mercedes Robirosa, the bronze woman…
Great model and great couturier, she goes up and down the walkways of haute couture and ready-to-wear.
In the somptuous, spectacular show that fashion has become since the seventies, Mercedes has played the very special role of an icy brunette, a seemingly impossible combination, whose purbered chic is guaranteed shockproof.
After working for Saint Laurent, Kenzo, Thierry Mügler, Azzedine Alaïa and helping Karl Lagerfeld with Chanel accessories and jewellery, she went a step further in 1987. As a full-blown designer, she presented a line of jewellery and in 1988 a line of accessories. In 1992, as the logical extension of her approach, Mercedes began creatin clothes.
Baroque spirit, materials used in contradictory ways, an extreme importance given to detail, the choice of an accessory with character, all this is surprisingly like Mercedes.
She has mastered her numerous references and plays on them brilliantly !
She makes glamour portable, with a controlled exuberance, ready-to-catch fire cool, a tango look and a high-tea look.

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