Your Valuation Request

1. Valuation
Katheley’s determine the correct value based on market price and worldwide auctions sales results.
This valuation is confirmed upon arrival of your item in our office. The process is free of charge. The shipping to our office is done via Fedex.
2. Sale or Consignment

Auction: Seller commission of 20%, Buyer commission 10%

Consignment : Commission from 25 to 40%. You will get up to 75% of the valuation.

40% if the item you are selling is below 1200€
30% is applicable if the item is between 1200€ and 5000€
25% if the item you are selling is above 5000€

Purchase: after confirmation of our commercial offer and the reception of the object, we will proceed to the payment.

3. Online Process
We take care of everything : photos, description, sales, communication and shipping.