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ROBERTA DI CAMERINO has been created by Giuliana Coen (1921-2010). The label is a combination of Roberta taken from her favorite song “Smoke gets in your Eyes” and Camerino her husband’s surname.

Over the last fifty years, Roberta di Camerino handbags have played a leading role in the world of fashion. The bags themselves evoke stories, charachters and emotion.

Roberta di Camerino were carried by celebrities such as Grace Kelly, Farrah Fawcett, and Elizabeth Taylor.

With handbags renowned for their innovativeness: in 1946, she made a bag patterned with a trellis of R’s, foreshadowing Gucci’s G’s; in 1957 she made woven leather bags before Bottega Veneta did, and in 1964, she made a handbag with an articulated frame that was later reproduced by Prada. Although being copied upset her Coco Chanel reassured her, telling her not to cry about being copied, but to ‘cry the day they don’t copy you.’

In 1956, Giuliana Coen received the prestigious Neiman Marcus “Oscar of Fashion” Award. Although the different international awards she won, it was thanks to the Compasso d’oro award in 1979 that she entered the realms of those creators who have known how to revolutionize and improve the quality of objects.

In 2008, the brand has been acquired by the Sixty Group.

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