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Coppola e Toppo ( 1915-1986)

Born in 1915, Lyda Coppola was famous for her expertise in the use of crystal. She opened her atelier in 1946 in Milan. After her marriage, she added her husband’s surname to hers and formed the Coppola e Toppo label.

Lyda Coppola reaped her 1st success with Schiaparelli and Jacques Fath.

An article appeared in French Vogue in 1948 so unexpected that one of the most fashion magazine in the world should have chosen a few necklaces created by Lyda Coppola, an unknown Italian by that time.  The French Couturiers wasted no time in placing their first orders : 1948 Jeanne Lanvin and Robert Piguet purchased an interesting number of pieces from the Coppola’s.

In November 1949 French Vogue dediacted another colour page to Coppola e Toppo fashion jewelry. Since then, orders arrived from all famous french couture houses: Pierre Balmain, Nina Ricci, Cristobal Balenciaga, Jacques Heim, Christian Dior,…

The house then strove to translate into jewels the typical style of each couturier. For Valentino, she treated specific materials such as crystal baguette and metal rods, for Ken Scott or Pucci, plastic pearls tuned to the dazzling colours of the printed fabrics. Coppola e Toppo ceased its activities after the death of Lyda Coppola in 1986.

Some words of Lyda Coppola :

There were a need for more colourful jewellery, more visible, more modern, more visible, definitely more personal, and, above all each piece had to be made for a certain outfit.

«  When the outfit is important, never load it with jewels, one only, but classy, is enough ».