The Bags are really today the final touch of the fashion look! So to be even more unique and distinctive, go for one-of-a-kind vintage handbags & start your own collection! Here are some nice books to start learning everything about bags !

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Aujourd’hui, les Sacs sont véritablement devenus la ponctuation de la mode. Assortis au style, à l’événement, à l’humeur, ces accessoires sont devenus essentiels…  Pour être toujours plus unique et différentes, faites le choix de sacs et pochettes vintage uniques et plein d’histoires.

I personally love bags, their diversity, their design and their quality. There is something very sensitive and secret.

All the vintage bags and clutchs are chosen one by one and restored if necessary to give them a long second life.

On the blog, we will share and keep the Archives of one of our favorite bags!