POP ART Jacques Gautier vintage earrings

Symetrical & pop art design for these Jacques Gautier black and white vintage earrings!

Inside the Royal Palace in Paris, sumptuous building built for Richelieu in the 17th century, is a stunning contemporary work: Columns of Buren (also called « the two plates »).

The installation consists of 260 columns striped black and white. (I told you we love stripes 😉 ) All columns are rooted underground and emerge outdoors in different heights, creating a particular rhythm, and a strong contrast with the classical architecture of the Palace around them ! Don’t need to tell you that this installation has been controversial.

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Talking about Daniel Buren, did you know that he colored the Louis Vuittton Foundation ? He named it  » The observatory of light  »

We love the colors and the light that passes through !
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